Education and Games


Games help children to reduce stress during their studying. They make children  funny, happy, interesting and comfortable when they are played games, which will help children concentrate on the lesson and learn better. Morever, children will remember  English words according to games the most effectively


In addition, games help children to interact with other members in the class. In fact, games creat the opportunity for them to make friends with other members in the class. They become friendly and have a close-knit relationship. After playing games, they will learn experiences, share knowledge and exchange skills with their friends, which makes children learn well.


Moreover, games also help childen to enhance listening skill. For example,when the teacher gives rules of games in English. In fact, If children don’t focus on teacher’s instructions they won’t understand the rules and can’t play the games. So, children have to concentrate on the teacher’s instructions to understand what the teacher says and do as teacher guides,which helps children improve English listening skill.


Furthermore,when the children are played games they will have the chance to increase the cooperation. They will cooperate with your friends to try their best to win the games. In additon, At the end of game, the children have the opportunity to evaluate other groups,which rises the cognitive ability of children


Moreover, games also help students to improve their listening skills. for example the teacher often use the target language to give the rules of games, which helps students to try to listen and understand what the teacher instructs


Games are very useful for young learners, but to use games the most effectively   the teacher should choose the games that are useful for children, Especially games must be related to the lesson and suitable with children.  For example, Hangman- this is a great game to help children practice new words and spelling skills. This game is very good for the teacher to teach vocabularly for children


Games are very effective in teaching English for young learners. Being an English teacher it is very necessary for you to use games in teaching English for students.